Sep 30, 2019

#ACT4SDGs: Align your programs to citizens needs

#ACT4SDGs: Align your programs to citizens needs, Rachael Misan-Ruppee to Government: In pursuant of the aims and objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals,SDGs, of the United Nations, various tiers of Government in Nigeria have been advised to align their programs and policies to the needs of the citizenry in order to meet the “Agenda 2030” of the Sustainable Development Goals. This was contained in a keynote address delivered by the Executive Director, Development Initiative for Community Impact, DICI, Rachael Misan-Ruppee, during a “Citizen Interactive Forum on SDGs” , held at Ujevwu Town Hall, Udu LGA, Delta state, to mark the four years of existence of the Sustainable Development Goals. According to the DICI Executive Director, this year event is tagged “Global Week to #ACT4SDGs” “Today mark the fourth year the Sustainable development goals came into existence, on the 25th of September 2015, world leaders came together at the United Nations and agreed to sign into existence the Sustainable development goals.” ” It was United Nations SDGs Action Campaign Team that came up with the theme of this year event, global week to #ACT4SDGs, which means all over the world we need to act for the SDGs” “If we don’t act for the Sustainable development goals then we cannot achieve the year 2030 which is the agenda 2030.” “We just have eleven more years to achieve all the seventeen goals, but funny enough some people don’t know anything about the SDGs, and that is our major reason for coming to this community, getting here we discovered that non of them has heard about SDG, they are still living in MDGs. Good enough,We have succeeded in sensitising them on the SDGs, and why they should key into it” Read More:

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